Slobodno srpski with Tatjana Manojlović

In the 427th program of Slobodno srpski, Tatjana Manojlović, member of the Serbian Parliament, vice-president of the Democratic Party and journalist of Radio Television of Serbia, was a guest. In an interview with Budimir Ničić, she said that she was disappointed with the work of the Serbian Parliament committee of which she is a member regarding the Kosovo issue.

„I asked the head of my parliamentary group when we were entering the Parliament, I asked him to be a member of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija and the parliamentary committee for culture and information, I don’t know where I am more disappointed. From the fact that the president of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija scheduled one constructive meeting of the committee and another one when there was a problem with re-registration and after that at the insistence of the opposition, when we wrote a letter three or four times and all the opposition MPs signed… I want to say that their attitude towards Kosovo and Metohija is extremely hypocritical“, said Manojlović.

She believes that the current government in Belgrade is using the Kosovo issue in order to stay in power and that only they know what benefit they get from it.

„At the second session we had on Kosovo and Metohija, which was attended by Aleksandar Vučić, he himself spoke about how much money was poured into this area during the last ten years. These are very large sums. That all that money that is, not counting the European funds and the international community, how much it gave, counting only what flowed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, that that money was spent on purpose, here to improve the living conditions of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija,  there would have the standard of an average Swiss citizen here today. And you know how you live here“, said Manojlović.

Serbs in Kosovo live as if in apartheid

This RTS journalist, who has been reporting occasionally from Kosovo for ten years, claims that the Serbs in Kosovo are the most disenfranchised group in Europe.

„Serbs, Kosovo Serbs, are the most threatened population and people who can be said to be living under apartheid, who suffer pressure from both Kurti and Vučić’s Serbian List. And that’s for me as a journalist, because I’ve been coming here for ten years, reporting, people, those who are especially brave, testified in front of the camera, and they said a lot even when we turned off the cameras and begged us not to bring it up,“ claims Tanja Manojlović, who is now an opposition deputy in the Serbian parliament.

„Normalization“ caused confusion

Evaluating the Franco-German plan for the normalization of relations between Pristina and Belgrade and the way in which it is implemented, she says that there has never been more confusion, and that foreign officials are trying to round off the Kosovo problem at any cost.

„People are completely amazed by all that is happening. What is it that I see? Kurti is advocating for another Albanian state in Kosovo, and Vučić is advocating to ensure his position of survival in power. I just don’t see anyone advocating for the improvement of the living conditions of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and for the interests of Serbia. These are now two parallel lines, two parallel colosseums that, if it remains like this, can never cross, a correct, fair solution cannot be found, and no one is trying to find it“, said Tatjana Manojlović, in the show Slobodno Srpski.

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