“Slobodno srpski” with Nedžmedin Spahiu

In the 424th program of Slobodno srpski, political analyst Prof. Dr. Nexhmedin Spahiu. In an interview with Budimir Ničić, Mr Spahiu said that the recently held extraordinary local elections in the north of Kosovo were legal, but with little legitimacy.

„The legitimacy is not only due to the fact that Serbs did not come out to vote, but that a very small number of Albanians, from that small percentage of Albanians who live there in the north, came out to vote,“ said Spahiu.

He believes that, like the Bosniaks and Roma, who also went to the polling stations in a very small percentage, the Albanians from the north of Kosovo were somehow intimidated.

„I asked an Albanian, ‘Why didn’t you vote?’, and he said: ‘Well, there is talk of changing the borders, so the Serbs will have that list later and they will see that I voted,'“ Spahiu said.

Although the situation is complex, according to him, the purpose of these elections was of a political nature within the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, which is being conducted in Brussels.

„That is, to place the Kosovo flag in the buildings of the municipalities, these four municipalities, and after that there will probably be an agreement to hold extraordinary elections again,“ he said.

Voting in containers forced

Spahiu adds that voting in containers was a forced move.

„It was problematic. Let’s say, they are usually held in schools, and the keys to the schools are held by the principals from the Serbian List, which boycotted and probably they too, it was assumed that they would not give the keys to open the schools, and if the school doors were broken, it would be an ugly sight – here’s how The „Shqiptar“ police broke into schools, into Serbian schools, and that’s where they were banging on the doors. And then it would have a very unpleasant impression, and that is why it was decide to not to be in schools, where Serbian students go and they found those containers. Although, I say that those elections were only one instrument to give half a million euros for the establishment of the Kosovo flag on the buildings“, said Spahiu.

However, it does not rule out possible field safety issues and incidents.

„I think it is still possible.“ Regardless of the fact that it was agreed, it can still happen that someone makes some moves, in order to show someone to call for peace and things like that. I call on these people to simply not get stuck in these matters, to save themselves, to know that an agreement will be reached after all and that President Vučić, of course, when the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority is formed, will present how he „liberated“ Serbian people of Kosovo. You didn’t have it, the Albanians took everything and power from you, now we have taken it again. Now it’s no longer an occupation, now you’re here – you’ve been returned to work, we’ve taken the institutions, the Albanian special forces are not here for you, but our policemen are here,“ said analyst Nedzmedin Spahiu, guest on the Slobodno Srpski show.

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