Slobodno srpski with Momcilo Trajković

In the 420th broadcast of „Speak Serbian Freely“, the president of the Serbian National Forum, Momčilo Trajković, was a guest.

In an interview with Budimir Ničić, Mr. Trajković, said that there are no Serbian political representatives in the discussion about the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština, as well as the formation of the Association of Serbian Municipalities, because they are incorporated by Aleksandar Vučić, who manages the Serbian people and problems through his branch, the Serbian List.

„They don’t ask anything. The moment they agreed to such a position, they surrendered to Vučić, and at the same time they surrendered the fate of the Serbian people from Kosovo and Metohija, who, apart from voting, are not informed about anything else, nor do they know what is happening there. Only what people hear on the radio and television and what they feel themselves, and I honestly think ehat they feel the most. But there is another problem – the people feel, see what it is about, but are silent, cannot or will not say it,“ says Trajković and emphasizes that the same is the case with local politicians from the Serbian List who are not competent in their work. „They are not made to think, they are made to be silent and nothing else. Simply, as the proverb would say, there is a visual picture, but there is no tone. Like a broken TV“.

The Serbian list is like a broken TV

The President of the Serbian National Forum believes that by accepting the European plan and the implementation of agreement, the independence of Kosovo is recognized both de facto and de jure. In that plan on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, everything is bad for Serbian interests, except for one thing.

„It means that the Serbs have finally heard the truth.“ If someone  want to understand it, regardless of the fact that it was communicated in the way Vučić communicated it. Kosovo is slowly but surely sliding towards an independent state. Whether they will sign, when they will sign, whether Kosovo will go to the United Nations and other institutions and organizations, Serbia and the Serbian side usually do not decide on that,“ said Trajković and added. „Now, according to the Council of Europe and the European Union, this plan will treat two sides, two equal sides, and that means that if Serbia is a country, then Kosovo is also a country.“ It just needs some more powers, some recognitions that will finally round off Kosovo as a state, and on which Serbia will have no influence“.

He accuses Vučić and Kurti of manipulating citizens

„He (Vučić) is deceiving the people, he abandoned the policy he promised the people when the elections were held. Kurti did the same. And now we have two, let’s say, political „fraudsters“ who are trying to deceive the people in order to show some kind of compromise, but in fact they neither know nor can reach a compromise. The fact that what was achieved was actually what was imposed by the International Community, and it is not a matter of their mutual agreement,“ said Trajković.

ASM leads to the independence of Kosovo

Responding to the host’s question whether, after the meeting in Ohrid, the Association of Serbian Municipalities is seen „at the end of the tunnel“, Trajković replied that there is also a big problem.

„If we see it (ASM) at the end of the tunnel, then we see that Kosovo is an independent state, that’s the problem.“ Vučić needs the Association of Serbian Municipalities because he expects that Kurti will not accept and in this way he will buy time. However, I am afraid that at a crucial moment, Kurti will have to accept the Association of Serbian Municipalities and he will be forced to accept it, maybe not in the version that Vučić wants, but much stronger than what Kurti wants,“ says the former vice president of the Government of Serbia. and the president of the Federal Committee of Yugoslavia for Kosovo and Metohija.

ASM can still be good for Serbs, „but if we accept that Kosovo is an independent state“.

„ASM will have a role for the Serbian people who remain here.“ ASM will arrange relations. Serbs will get autonomy, they will ask about something, they will not be decided only by the Albanian majority and the supervision of the International Community. But we have to say it openly. The price of that is the independent state of Kosovo,“ claims Trajković.

According to him, the agreement reached does not bring a long-term solution, but will create new problems not only in Serbia and Kosovo, but also in the wider region.

„Everything I talked about before is being shown, and that is my well-known thesis that there is no solution, but a solution process, and everything that is happening today confirms that fact.“ „No one is ready to enter into a final solution for Kosovo, because there is no final solution for Kosovo,“ said Momčilo Trajković as a guest in „Slobodno Srpski“ show

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