Slobodno srpski with Milica Andrić Rakić

In the 422nd program of Slobodno srpski, the program manager of New Social Initiative Mrs. Milica Andric Rakic was a guest.

In an interview with Budimir Ničić, she said that with the current negotiators of Pristina and Belgrade, which participates in the dialogue, is almost impossible to stop the escalation „non-normalization“ in relations between Pristina and Belgrade.

In her opinion, normalization should, among other things, include the following: „It would be ideal if there were no obstacles in import and export, if there were no security obstacles problems as they currently exist where half of the capacity of special units is located on a very small territory, and a territory inhabited by a majority Serbian population, and yes those special units are actually mono-ethnic and Albanian. Then to facilitate access young Serbs on the labor market in Kosovo. This specifically means solving the issue of diplomas of the University of Prishtina with headquarters in Mitrovica and a whole range of things that could be done, but first of all, resolving the status of Serbian institutions, that is, those services that Serbs and others provide non-majority communities are provided by Serbian institutions. The fact is that those twenty years have resisted various political processes, they are there, the only ones in continuity they provide services and there can be no attack on them, on those institutions that provide basic services without the community interpreting it as an attack on itself”; Andrić Rakić said.

However, in her opinion, the European Plan on the normalization of relations, as well as the agreement from Ohrid, are not the right path to normalization.

European plan far from the people

„It is the most „unknown“ of all Brussels agreements, it is the „culmination“ of problems citizens, because it does not deal with the life of Serbs in Kosovo, nor with life in general, nor coexistence in Kosovo. He deals with relations between Belgrade and Pristina. So it’s been a long time the focus shifted from citizens and how citizens of Serbian nationality will be integrated into Kosovo society and started dealing with the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and dealing with relations between Belgrade and Pristina without stabilization of the Serbian communities in Kosovo is simple senseless. Perhaps you will arrange their relations in the sense of how Kosovo will be represent at the regional level, whether there will be an asterisk or not, whether the plates will go without stickers across two territories, but as long as you have a problem with the Serbian community on Kosovo and the legality of the institutions used by that community, you will have potential escalations and crisis“, believes Andrić Rakić.

She says that the Serbs from Kosovo, the stories in the public about the European normalization plan are not even interested, because they do not see their own problems and needs in it. Therefore, the fact that Srpska lista is not participating in the extraordinary local elections in the north of Kosovo is another piece of evidence that, as she says, actually in Ohrid nothing has been fundamentally done towards normalization.

„Citizens were not interested in that, because they look at that agreement and they have no answers to the key things, and that is how tomorrow via Jarinje they will go to Kopaonik and back, just the most basic things… No one has been dealing with them for a long time, over a year, seriously the problem is the special units, their permanent presence, their behavior. It is also a matter that was not addressed in any way, which is even worse, even Serbian political representatives, not the opposition, specifically now I mean Srpska Lista, until yesterday they did not deal with that issue seriously,“ she said.

According to her, on the other hand, the decision of the Serbian List not to apply for participation in the election was a forced move.

„It’s the only one they have left, because the Srpska list has repeatedly made demands that are not fulfilled. Therefore, neither requests after leaving the institutions, nor for the removal of barricades, they really wouldn’t have had any justification in front of the citizens if they had decided to come out“ said Milica Andrić Rakić and added that everyone has the right to decide at what moment they will participate in the elections, but that it is hypocritical that other political options are not taken into account.

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