Slobodno srpski with Jovana Radosavljević

The director of the New Social Initiative, Jovana Radosavljević, was a guest in the 431st broadcast of Slobodno srpski. In an interview with Budimir Ničić, she said that the current political situation in the north of Kosovo does not suit anyone.

„It definitely does not suit the Serbs who live in the north of Kosovo. I think that as an idea it suited the Prime Minister of Kosovo, but that at this moment he is reconsidering his decisions, especially the fact that he ignored the advice of the International Community not to forcefully enter local institutions with mayors“, said Radosavljević and emphasized that the current crisis is not only between Kosovo institutions and Serbs from the north, but also Kosovo officials and Western partners.

He believes that the current problems can be solved by accepting the demands of the Serbian community, and above all, the withdrawal of members of the special units of the Kosovo Police from the north of Kosovo. This situation, according to her, is the culmination of unilateral moves from Pristina, as well as inadequate addressing of accumulated problems by the International Community.

„In the previous two years, we had a more intensive effort by the EU and the US in the dialogue process in order to reach some historic agreement, they talked about that moment that should be used and they focused so much on that process, neglecting the what was happening on the ground, which is that we experienced a complete change for many reasons, primarily as a result of the decisions that came from Pristina, which in themselves were precedents, they set the stage for a new behavior of Kosovo’s institutions,“ she says.

According to her, those changes were numerous and related to the ban on holding the Serbian referendum on the territory of Kosovo, the ban on holding Serbian elections on the territory of Kosovo, measures of reciprocity, i.e. re-registration, which has been a problem for two years.

„We still don’t have a solution, we are in an intermediate space on that issue, we don’t have a final solution related to the re-registration process and the plate issue, we still have stickers and we still have vehicles with KM markings and that is an issue that has yet to be resolved „, reminds Radosavljević and emphasizes that all this is accompanied by populist rhetoric from Pristina, which labeled the north as a criminal environment.

„As an area of Kosovo that must be tamed, how should the special police come to free people from the evil influence of Belgrade and criminal structures, thereby absolutely dehumanizing the community that lives there, and also leading the north through the process of securitization and militarization at the same moment,“ she said. Jovana Radosavljević is the director of the New Social Initiative in the show Slobodno srpski.

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