Slobodno srpski with Ana Kostić

The 423rd show of Slobodno Srpski hosted Mrs. Ana Kostić, a professor of Serbian language and literature at the Pristina high school based in Laplje Selo. In an interview with Budimir Ničić, she said that working in education is a beautiful and important job, but that her colleagues who work in educational institutions according to the Serbian system in Kosovo often have big problems that come from the parents themselves.

„Fortunately, I have to say, I don’t have such cases. There are extremes, there are parents who lie for the benefit of their children, which they should never do. The child does not go to school and they know very well, we know that the child ran away from school, but they come and justify that class. I once wanted to test a parent. I was sitting in a cafe once and I saw a student, whom mother told me was sick, sitting across from me and drinking coffee. I asked the woman openly why she was doing that, she shrugged her shoulders, she had no answer for that. I don’t know why this is being done, I don’t know who it benefits,“ said Professor Kostić.

Such cases are rare, but they are indicative. The biggest problem is the belittling of the teaching staff, but in her opinion, it is not only the parents who are to blame, but the system, which will have negative consequences.

„If there is an increase in wages, we get less than others or from time to time like some others.“ See now that’s going to become a problem. Soon they won’t have a math teacher. As things stand, they won’t even have a Serbian professor, not to mention physics, chemistry, biology. Fewer and fewer children are enrolling in those faculties, and that’s exactly why,“ warns Kostić.

A particular problem for educators, which is particularly pronounced during the coronavirus pandemic, is the use of mobile phones by children during the lessons themselves.

„Now the problem is to fight with parents and legislators to ban children from using mobile phones during classes. Not during breaks, they can use them, but during class, they must not. Otherwise, it is punishable, very punishable, but in order to punish a child, the procedure is so complex that it is really very difficult,“ said Professor Ana Kostić, in the show Slobodno Srpski.

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