Stojanović: The Serbian list is sliding to become a shell without content

Former prominent member of the Serbian List, Branimir Stojanović, said in the show Slobodno srpski that he would continue the political struggle and announced the formation of a new political organization. Stojanovic also spoke about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the ASM, holding Serbian elections in Kosovo, the Serbian List.

„If you look at other local governments, you will see that there are many people who are justifiably dissatisfied. Not only do they protest because they did not receive something personally, but they are dissatisfied with the entire system that has been set up. These people call me every day, asking me to start forming a political movement. I believe that we will quickly make a decision on that together, but it will not be a classic political movement, a classic party, we need some kind of „guerrilla“ political struggle at this time. „

Commenting on the stalemate in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels, Stojanovic said that Western countries need to put stronger pressure on Pristina.

It is obvious that Albin Kurti and his entire team do not want to implement what was agreed in Bissel, they are trying in every way to avoid the obligation that someone before them took on and now they are looking for new ways to postpone it or renegotiate what someone negotiated and agreed before them. „I believe we will wait until someone in the West realizes that without serious pressure on Albin Kurti or any politician who will be in power in Pristina in the future to implement what someone has already agreed, we will wait by then.“

Stojanovic believes that for the Government of Kosovo, headed by Albin Kurti, Kosovo Serbs are almost non-existent.

„He ignores us as if we don’t live here, knowing whatever starts (Kurti) around that topic will only remind the international public and everyone else here of the great things he should have done, but he didn’t do.“ From elementary things – registration of the property of the monastery Visoki Decani, to many others … „

Who will sit and decide in the ASM (association of Serbian municipalities)?

Branimir Stojanović pointed out that the Association of Serbian Municipalities is important for Serbs in Kosovo, but that it is more important, as he said, who will sit and decide in those municipalities.

„What has been abolished for us in some past period is that fewer and fewer people who want to live here are wondering who will speak on their behalf and that the organization, primarily the Serbian List, is where my dissatisfaction comes from, and it is a process that lasted, more and more organized in a way that looks like a private company, and less like a political organization, because Serbs today are so cramped, surrounded, pressured, they have that little space to express their opinion within that list. What I see happening now is absolutely clear to everyone that there is no local opinion, attempt, to influence any politics, but that the top of the Serbian List decides on everything and everything and that today in Gracanica and other municipalities, especially in the south from the Ibar, until someone from Mitrovica agrees to the most senseless, most innocuous thing, the move cannot be withdrawn. „

„Banning Serb elections in Kosovo would set a precedent“

A ban on holding Serbian presidential and parliamentary elections would be a serious precedent, Stojanovic said, adding that Belgrade should insist that they should be organized in Kosovo as well. He believes that some messages from Belgrade that „if there are no elections on April 3, there will be no more elections in Pristina in the north of Kosovo“ are very dangerous.

„I think it is a serious radicalization and it is not good for the people who live here, especially for the people in the north, but also for the people who live here, because any violence or crisis situation that inevitably spills over south of the Ibar and Serbs especially those living in isolated environments, Metohija, for example, suffer consequences through attacks, insults, threats to both (physical) security and their property, and that would not be good at all, and I hope it will be reasonable, although it is rare whenever such situations have arisen and that there will be enough pressure from Brussels to attract political elites in Pristina and accept something that does not fundamentally disturb anything. „

„Serbian list slides to become shell without content“

Speaking about the Serbian List, of which he was a prominent member until a few months ago, Stojanovic said that „the Serbian List is a project of national interest, but that this project has been slipping into what we must not become for a long time, and that is an empty shell without content ”.

„The Serbian list must have that space within it for an ordinary person who wants to fight here, to express his opinion. Today, the absolute majority of people must not say what they think and guess and assume what the top of the Serbian List or someone in Belgrade is doing, and then we have a situation where many people who have left their lives here, today perform serious functions. „People whose children live in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad or some other cities are in power here today, they make decisions about these people here, and they are not interested in anything.“

Stojanovic believes that Belgrade should change its policy and attitude towards Serbs in Kosovo, because the situation on the ground shows that the current policy „is not the best“.

“How do we prove it’s not the best? Go through Serbian communities, see how many houses have been sold, how many houses have been demolished and some other buildings are springing up on them. Go to any local self-government and see how many houses are sold every day, look at how many young people have left and it will be clear to you „.

He points out that the representatives of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija should come to Kosovo more often and „listen more to the true opinion of the Serbs who live here, and not to come to listen to their own opinion.“

„They have to listen more to what people say because there were no rare situations, I remember some advisers, of course I will not say their names, who came here, engaged in agriculture, dear our farmers and then give them ingenious ideas on how to keep donkeys.“ because donkey’s milk is very expensive, to keep those donkeys to make cheese, because I don’t know how much that cheese is, and then people get so annoyed that they do something they shouldn’t do. „

Stojanovic, who was a prominent member of the Serbian List, is no longer in this party because he ran for mayor of Gracanica in the last local elections. However, he says he has not formally left the party.

„I was not expelled and that membership still exists, but of course I don’t expect anything spectacular from him,“ Stojanović concluded in the show Slobodno srpski.

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