Dogs poisoned in the yard of the church in Novo Brdo (Disturbing footages)

Four dogs were poisoned and died in the courtyard of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Novi Brdo, and one is still showing signs of life, „Politika“ and Radio Kim found out

The videos show an employee of the „Bioland“ company giving food to the dogs. He came on the „quad“ vehicle to the church property, at the place where the children’s playground is located, lured the dogs and gave them food. Dressed in work suit, he threw food to each dog individually and when he was sure that they had all taken the food, he left the church property. More remains of food that he threw away were found on the property.

Four dogs have died so far, and one is still dying in the yard.
(Disturbing content)

Video by Kim radio
Video by Kim radio

The company „Biolend“ is owned by an Albanian and is involved in the production of organic food and eggs. The land on which it is located was bought from the Serbs in the past period.

„We are all shaken, I can’t calm myself or my family down.“ I took my daughter Milijana, who was especially attached to the dog called Miksi, to the Draganac Monastery. She cannot watch and bear this,“ priest Stevo Mitrić told Radio Kim and Politika.

„Miksy is a mix of a Belgian shepherd and a wolfhound, and the rest are mixes that Miliana took care of. I do not know what to do. Now we’re trying to save at least one, we’re giving him yogurt.“

The Kosovo police went to the scene, conducted an investigation, reviewed the footage and after consulting with superior officers, advised the priest to freeze the dogs, order a private autopsy and toxicology analysis.

Novo Brdo is a municipality with a Serbian majority and a population that lives in great poverty, and since 1999 it has been exposed to frequent robberies, threats and attacks. Many Serbs live on social assistance and with the great support of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which has soup/public kitchens in this area with a large number of users.

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